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Thanksgiving Hertford Style

For close to a decade we have spent Thanksgiving at our cottage on Lake Winnipeg with our family crowded around tables, elbows knocking, as we gave our thanks. This year we had to tweak our old traditions. We ate chicken rather … Continue reading

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Graveyard Stroll

Graveyards. In the past, I’ve always found them extremely spooky. Until recently. I’m not sure what changed. Maybe my curiosity with who has come before has been dialed up the older I get. Or perhaps the older I get, the … Continue reading

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Hertford Café Exploration – Bebo Café

After my shameful admission of passing over fine local cafes for the super chain coffee-house, Starbucks, I decided I can and must do better. Me, my coffee addiction appreciation, and my future Hertford happiness is dependent upon it. A ginormous … Continue reading

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A Stranger in a Strange Land

Familiarity. The search for the familiar grounds us, make us feel connected to our environment. Some people crave it like a chocolate addict craves a life-sized Coffee Crisp. Others are only slightly affected by the unknown and unfamiliar. Perhaps they … Continue reading

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In. Love. With. England.

I know it has only been a little over one week, but I have fallen head over heels for this country. It is familiar, yet different. Is this feeling of familiarity a result of us moving to an English-speaking country? … Continue reading

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5 English Lessons Learned – You Don’t Have to be Royal to be Treated Like Royalty

They say with every big move there will be some bumps. Small hurdles. Hiccups that interrupt your acclimation to your new environment. Today The Carmichaels made the bumpiest of roads look like a newly paved freeway. Yes, indeedy. We are … Continue reading

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The Final Countdown

Only 5 more sleeps until our transatlantic move. Overseas. Living in Europe. Neighbors with the Queen. Okay the last is a stretch, but it still counts. If Elizabeth the Second was in a pinch and needed a place for a … Continue reading

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First Time Landlords

There have been so many firsts for The Carmichael Clan over the past 6 months. First time we’ve taken the girls overseas. The first time the girls have seen Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, and The Harry Potter Studios. And the … Continue reading

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Transatlantic Move – Behind the Scenes

Most everyone we tell about our relocation to the UK, is extremely excited for us and wowed by our apparently adventurous spirit. (We too are wowed as no one would have marked us as a family of globe trotters before … Continue reading

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The Journey has Begun

…and we’re still in Canada! We went, we toured, we accomplished our tasks; find a house, a school, a community to live in. Check, check, double check. In 6 weeks, this will be our new view; The View from Hillview. … Continue reading

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