Transatlantic Move – Behind the Scenes

england thumbs upMost everyone we tell about our relocation to the UK, is extremely excited for us and wowed by our apparently adventurous spirit. (We too are wowed as no one would have marked us as a family of globe trotters before this England opportunity came a’ calling.)

The few outliers who have expressed less enthusiasm usually sit stunned, eyes wide, with a brief look of shocked horror, before they rearrange their grimaced faces into forced smiles.  The Drew and I have decided to ignore the nay sayers, because we have way too much work to get done to dwell on the thoughts of Negative Nancies.

What lies behind a transatlantic move, for us anyway, is mountains of applications, forms, checklists, and piles of rules, rules, rules to let us into the country, attend school, rent a home, and lease a car.

Getting into the National Health system looks easy by comparison to getting our visas, which requires us to fly to Toronto to prove we are indeed, The Carmichaels.

kitchen renoThis past month we have renovated, repaired, and redecorated our Wildwood Park home, so it is renter ready. We have painted, dry-walled, packed, moved furniture, and purged for what seems like FOREVER. Read: three months. So maybe not forever, but long enough that living in a partially packed home, while renovating, makes time lengthen. (I believe living through renovations may be the basis of quantum physics.)

To boot, The Drew is now an expert at laying kitchen floors, and like all newly acquired home reno skills, it’s a talent he will likely never need again.

We have given our cottage to our great pals, Brent and Tish, to take care of while we are away and sold Lexie our Ford Flex to a lovely family from Saskatchewan.

And then there is our dog, Zoe. The Zoe-Zoe, Zoers, Zoe-Dog. Sadly, she can’t come with us, but thankfully Gramma will take her for the next few years and when we return each summer, Zoe will spend a solid month with us at the lake, chasing waves, sticks, and chipmunks and getting all our love and hugs we will have saved for her all year.

Soon the movers will arrive to pack our furniture, toys, clothes, kitchen-ware and all those odds and sods too numerous to name, leaving us with a suitcase each to bring over in August.

Today, we are back to Stone’s Throw to get a bit more time with our dear friends, The Hartleys, before we zoom to Toronto for visas tomorrow. Although the kids aren’t pleased to lose cottage time, we’ve promised them a trip to the top of the CN tower and the hotel has a pool.

When all else fails, always promise a pool.

Sheraton Toronto

Sheraton Toronto

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