The Journey has Begun

…and we’re still in Canada!

We went, we toured, we accomplished our tasks; find a house, a school, a community to live in. Check, check, double check.

In 6 weeks, this will be our new view; The View from Hillview. Our new abode, aptly named Hillview (yes the house comes with a plaque) sits atop a steep hill, in the heart of Hertford, which is the county town for Hertfordshire County, north of London. We’re in walking distance to the kids’ school, the train station, and our local pub. Everything else under the sun; the grocery store, hair salons, liquor marts, and walking paths, we have yet to discover. That is when our adventure will truly begin. In those first few days after we move and we discover all that Hertford and the greater area has to offer, that’s when our new reality will sink in and we will embrace our new life.

This is our family blog, where we will share our highs and lows, our adventures both big and small and our exciting discoveries from the common to the unusual.

Come, follow us as we explore English culture, Europe, and grow as a family.

This is Hillview! The Semi on the Right is our New Home

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5 Responses to The Journey has Begun

  1. shreya24x7 says:

    Hi I’m Shreya!
    Love the post. You have great content on your blog. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.
    I am relatively new to the blogging forum so please feel free to visit my blog and leave some feedback if you even find the time.
    Enjoy your summer.
    Shreya xx


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  3. maureen says:

    Hi Jodi,
    I just logged on and hoping to catch up on the settling in process in July. Maureen


  4. Rosana Montebruno says:

    All caught up! Love your place. I need your adventure!!!! Rosana


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